Thursday, April 21, 2011

Insert your headline here!

My old friend Seth Barnes recently asked me to recount a "magic moment" we shared together in central Mexico back in the early 1990's. Our story was featured on the popular "World's Worst Missionary" blog. Read about it here

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Toxic Series C

Looking forward to my talk this Sunday on "Toxic Words"...

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Married for 20 Years - Kauai to celebrate

I stand amazed at God's mercy and grace -Steph and I celebrate 20 years of marriage! Marriage is not easy - and I m thankful that God taught us enough about his grace to survive the challenge of loving for a lifetime! Not to mention his gift of a daughter and a son!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

4 games in five days

This is what we do when the umpire is late for the game, and we are bored...

Friday, February 12, 2010

Rancho Vista Article Photo

I am very excited that a local magazine is doing an article on our "Creative and Fun" church. Although the article will not come out until March - we did the photo shoot yesterday with our church staff.

So here is the question - which photo would YOU choose for the article?

BTW - thanks to Moments Treasured Photography by Susanne Pedro for these photos.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Time Warp of Celebrating a Facebook Birthday

Today I had the best birthday of my life. It began with my two children coming into our room and hugging and kissing me - and then my wife hugging me while my kids jumped on me and screamed happy birthday. I than received a very touching card from my Mom and Dad that was very emotional.

Throughout the day I began to receive greetings via Facebook. How strange and wonderful something like Facebook is. In a period of 10 hours I received greetings from:

+The friend (girl) in High School who I actually chewed tobacco with - and then kissed.
+Various "kids" from my first Youth Group who are now in their 30's-40's (youch).
+The Bride from the great wedding I went to in Mexico last summer.
+Someone who just began attending our church 2 months ago
+Kids from Minnesota who I led on a Baja trip a couple years ago.
+My sister.
+Old but good friends from Kansas, South Carolina, Philadelphia, Atlanta, and other strange places.
+Many friends who I have consistently beat while sitting at a card table (and a few friends who have beat me around a card table).
+A guy I "co-starred" in a High School performance of the "Odd Couple" with.
+Many friends who I have served in ministry with in various churches, who I have had the honor of serving the Lord with shoulder to shoulder.
+Random folks that I have shared experiences with on mission trips to Jamaica, Costa Rica, and MANY of our Baja friends.
+My failed workout partner who once told me the only way he could motivate me to operate the "crunch" machine at the Gym is if he tied a Krispy Kreme to the end of it.
+Parents of kids I have coached in softball and little league
+Old High School kids from Yosemite "Supertrips" (many now married with kids of their own)
+3 of the couples whose marriages I officiated.

I could go on. My point is I am extremely thankful to God for the rich variety of experiences and people that he has brought into my life. Today has really given me appreciation for the width and depth of good friends I have - and for that I am extremely grateful to God!

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Goldfield or Foolsgold?

Last week I had the chance to travel with a few guys to Nevada for some R & R. Part of the trip was an ardous drive to the town of Goldfield - where my friend Art is...wait for it...contemplating the purchase of a historic hotel - the Goldfield Hotel!!!
I must say it was an absolutely cool old place -with lots of history. FDR gave a speech there, and the palce just smells like history (in a good sense). And lets be honest - the thought of purchasing a historic building and turning it into a hotel and casino is just kind of cool dream.
The "Brain Trust"- Art, Fred, and Buzz. They are observing a longstanding but obscure Nevada law that compels all men to place right hand in their right pockets when crossing the street.
The discussion on the ride back was a perfect primer on my sermon for the week "speaking the truth in love". We had a good debate on the relative merits vs. risks of the project. For some reason Art just reminds me of another man who saw great potential in a two bit town in the middle of nowhere - Bugsy Seigel when he opened up the first real casino in Las Vegas.